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Personal Training

Ready to improve your strength, flexibility, mobility and endurance? It's time to make exercise a healthy habit! Through personal training with Rikki, you get one-on-one instruction in the comfort of your home and the confidence you need to get started on the path to a healthier lifestyle.
Personal Training
  • Does incontinence interfere with your life?
  • Looking to get into better physical condition for Hip or Knee surgery?
  • In your 20's,30's,40's you used to play in a team sport, you used hike regularly. Now you just need someone to give you guidance, hold you accountable to regular exercise in your life.
Initial Consultation

1.5 hours                  $140.00

Training Sessions

1 hour                  $95.00

45-minutes          $67.50

30-minutes          $45.00

Exercising with an injury or medical condition is possible. 

A custom exercise program can help you move forward, one step at a time, towards being stronger, flexible and more resilient. Let's work together to achieve your health and fitness goals with an exercise program that is custom-designed for your interests, preferences, abilities and limitations.
(Personal training sessions are conducted
In-home Online.)

How it works...

I get to know your health history, learn about your exercise experiences, and listen to your needs. These are key points for me to design a unique exercise program specifically for you!

Example: You are 55 years old, recently retired. You were a gymnast until your mid teens. You played  recreational soccer until your 40s. You stopped because of backache. Early 50s  you took up horse riding.  Your goal is to maintain your active lifestyle. 
During each session with me, I will   introduce you to exercises and exercise equipment help you get strong using weights or water resistance, and get a cardio workout safely, effectively. 

Example: You have dealt with back pain for several years. Water work will give you a variety of foot positions combined with arm arrangements that will help posture and balance, which help you feel better.
I will provide you with a workout summary after each session. That way you  have a plan for the days you are not able to meet with me and you can exercise on your own.

Example: I encourage you to do at least five exercises for five minutes each day, before we meet again. I will check in with you to see how you are doing and make note of your progress when you are on your own.

Client Testimonial

"Rikki is gentle and encouraging, but firm. She always has an upbeat attitude, a positive personality and a smile, which is quite motivating. Rikki is also very empathetic. She seems to have a great awareness and understanding of what exercise my body needs on any given day she’s training me."

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