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Virtual Fitness Class

A woman stretches while participating in a virtual fitness class from her home.
Ready to make exercise a healthy habit? Join a Virtual Fitness Class with Rikki to take part in a low-impact workout from the comfort of your home. Not only will you improve your strength, flexibility, mobility and endurance, but Rikki will make you laugh and leave you smiling with her energy and enthusiasm!


Marvelous Monday

(11:00-11:45am EST)

Wonderful Wednesday

(11:00-11:45am EST)

What you need:

  • Laptop, tablet or smartphone

  • 1 sturdy chair without wheels

  • Clear space with non-slip surface

  • 45 minutes dedicated to exercise

How to register:


Transfer $10 (per household) to no later than 10pm the night before the class. Once payment is received, the link to participate will be emailed to you.

Client Testimonial

"Rikki is gentle and encouraging, but firm. She always has an upbeat attitude, a positive personality and a smile, which is quite motivating. Rikki is also very empathetic. She seems to have a great awareness and understanding of what exercise my body needs on any given day she’s training me."

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