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5 Days, 5 Exercises, 5 Minutes (Week One)

Updated: Nov 3

Day 1: Leg Kicks

  1. Lie on your back.

  2. Knees bent, feet on the floor.

  3. Hold the back of your knees with your hands

  4. Keep your elbows straight.

  5. Alternating, gently kick your heels toward the ceiling.

  6. Repeat 3x with each leg.

A woman holds an exercise ball between her knees.
Isometric Hold

Day 2: Isometric Holds

  1. Sit on a chair.

  2. Knees bent, feet on the floor.

  3. Squeeze a ball or a pillow between your thighs.

  4. Hold position 6 seconds.

  5. Release.

Day 3: 90/90 Hip Bridge

  1. Lie on your back.

  2. Feet against a wall, shins parallel to floor.

  3. Drive big toe, ball of foot and heel into the wall.

  4. Lift buttocks off floor. Hold for 3-5 breath cycles.

  5. Return to buttocks floor.

Day 4: Walking

Walk around the room for 5 minutes or walk in the pool for 5 minutes.

Day 5: Breathing

Breathe in for 4 counts. Hold your breath for 4 counts. Breathe out for 6 counts.

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