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 Aqua Yoga


Courtesy Christa Fairbrother Yoga LLP

 In Person / Virtual Training
What is Aqua Yoga?

Aqua yoga is as simple as it sounds.

It’s practicing yoga in the water. 

Asana (poses)

Pranayama (yoga breathwork)

Meditation (done floating)

Guided by Yoga Philosophy

With or without equipment

How do you do it?

The same yoga poses you do on land, you can also perform in the water.


The Triangle pose is the same on land or in water.

Downward Dog pose: 

Modified to Keep Your Head Out Of Water

What do you wear?

Bathing Suits or T-shirt and Shorts

Clothing should be comfortable & providappropriate support.

Personal Training 


Initial Consultation (1hr)     $90.00


1 hour                       $90.00

45-minutes               $67.50

 30-minutes              $45.00


Small Group 2+ People


$20 / Person / 30-min Class

$30 / Person / 45-min Class

$40 / Person / 1 Hour Class



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