Aqua Yoga

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What is Aqua Yoga?

Aqua yoga is as simple as it sounds. It’s practicing yoga in the water. It’s a complete yoga practice including asana (poses), pranayama (yoga breathwork), and meditation (done floating) all informed by yoga philosophy. You can do it with or without equipment.

How do you do it?

The same yoga poses you do on land, you can also perform in the water.


Triangle pose are the same on land and water.

Downward Dog pose would be modified for water with your head not under water.

What do you wear?

You can wear any clothes you would normally wear in the pool to perform aqua yoga.

The main goal is your clothing is comfortable to move in, and appropriate for the environment.

I enjoy wearing polyester leggings, with a supportive bra top.

My male clients say they are more comfortable in jammer suits, or compression type leggings than in swim trunks.


$25 / Person / 1 Hour Class  

$20 / Person / 45 Min Class

$15 / Person / 30 Min Class

(Personal Training)

$40 / 30 Min

$60 / 46 Min

$80 / Hour​


Toronto, Hamilton, St. Catharines Areas


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